About us

At Capital Estates we are at your service.

Are you home owner and have some questions about the sale or rental of your property? Do you want to increase your chances and maximize the sale price of your property in a short time? Do you want to find serious tenant candidates?

Just take the first step and contact us because we are convinced that it all starts with a meeting and an open discussion where we will analyze your needs together according to the situation.

You are a candidate-buyer or candidate-tenant and you want to increase your chances of finding the property of your choice?

Contact us because you have access to an experienced and exceptional real estate agent who is attentive to your needs and who shares with you all his know-how.

Before discussing your search criteria, do you already know your maximum budget?

As part of a real estate acquisition we advise you to talk to your own bank, first, in order to obtain the maximum amount of credit / budget you may have at your disposal.

Then, you confirm to us your maximum available budget and your search criteria by filling in the contact form.

We can also:

  • offer you a cup of coffee and a good conversation
  • conduct property management
  • advise investors on investment projects (new construction, commercial and residential)
  • advise buyers who have found the property of their choice but who wishes to have a final analysis of the property according to its location and the market before starting negotiations (this is not a simple assessment as an expert does, this is an in-depth evaluation of the complete sales file - in the context of an apartment: consultation of PV AG, charges, electricity report, town planning information, soil certificate, etc.)
  • advise, analyze and even conduct negotiations on behalf of candidate buyers as part of a research mission
  • answer all your questions about real estate in general
  • exchange thoughts about the latest trends and analyzes of the current market

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